Some Recommendations of Free Website Directory

Function of website is getting more important now. With the development of search engine, website becomes one of important part of marketing strategies. This makes various businesses develop the website further to increase the brand awareness by having higher traffic and visitors in the website. SEO is one of the perfect ways to do it since it is correlated to the optimization of search engine. Then, it should also be supported by backlinks. To do these things, having website directory is important. Even if the algorithm of search engine is more complicated now, it is still possible to utilize the website directories.

For a starter, it may be quite hard to get paid website directory. Even if the fee may not be too high, it is still better to use the free directory when it is still possible. Even if many directories with better features require people to pay for the services, there are still some free website directories that can become helpful solution. These are some of them:

1. AboutUs

For the first option of free website directory, there is About Us. At first, this was designed as business domain directory. Now, it allows various kinds of websites that wants to submit. So far, it is good option since approximately About Us can have around 200,000 viewers every month. For a free option, this is good choice.


Next, there is Spoke. This looks like an online community where various people come to discuss news and other else. Business and personal website can also add web listing in So far, there are around 1.4 million companies and millions of people who are already listed in the site. Then, it has around 80,000 visitors every month.

3. Blogarama

This one is specifically dedicated for blogs. One of the good points about the directory is that it keeps updating the listing by showing latest posts or contents. This is something useful for blog users or owners. The number of visitors is also great since it can range from 100,000 to 230,000 visitors every month. This is good way to promote the blog.

4. Google My Business

When it talks about search engine, it seems that it cannot be separated from Google. Now, this becomes the biggest search engine, and Google My Business is good option of web directory to use. This is provided by Google, so it is safe way to get lots of benefits. Even, many websites and blog developers consider this as one of the requirement to develop the web further. That is why it should be mentioned in the recommendation

5. Free Web Directory is the best and free web listing index that you can find on the internet. We provide listing of websites from A to Z to provide you the information you needed. This site is also created to help site owners and webmasters to advertise their websites

Those are some possible options of web directories. These can provide the free services to all website and blog owners. These are something good to start developing a website further. Of course, utilizing the directory is not enough. In the end, the use of SEO and continuously make goo contents and posts for the website still becomes crucial parts to get higher traffic and create greater brand awareness. There is a competition in there, and it is always good to make good and efficient moves.

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